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What it’s Like to Work With ACRT

We think our customers can highlight our strengths better than we can. Here, a few have shared their stories about working with ACRT.

Barb, Homeowner

“I commend ACRT for notifying me that they would have to prune my trees and that they would appreciate meeting with me the day before work began. I cannot begin to tell you how much confidence this gave me that they were concerned and would do their best to preserve any limbs wherever possible. The ACRT employee showed kindness, respectfulness, and good communication skills.”

Barb, Homeowner
Mountain F. Enterprises

“Our organization felt confident in the return on that investment in the form of reduced injuries, less downtime and fewer claims. We also know that our employees saw and felt the benefit, and we received positive feedback after the initiative was complete.”

Les Day, Safety Director
Sumter Electric Cooperative

“The fact that not a single member complained to anyone at the annual meeting about tree trimming is a testament to the great job that ACRT and Nelson Tree Service have done on our system.”

John LaSelva, Director of Reliability & Operations
Lake Region Electric Cooperative

“In order to achieve a budget reduction and an 80% decrease in workload, we had to think differently about what we were doing. We had to be innovative. ACRT helped us turn our data into business intelligence that has provided us enhanced safety, rate stabilization, and increased reliability.”

Tim Thompson, CEO
Sumter Electric Cooperative

“I would like to personally thank ACRT for helping to set up and man our annual members’ meeting. ACRT was very well represented to our customers as professional and knowledgeable SECO partners with our members’ best interests at heart. Great job!”

Ken Lacasse, Manager of Integrated Vegetation Management

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the dedication of all ACRT employees, especially from the SCUFs. Your team is stepping up to the plate to ensure future outages and fire risks are being minimized. Thank you.

Karsten SchulzPacific Gas & Electric