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Biodiversity Studies

Advancing Biodiversity Along Utility Rights-of-Way

The ACRT Services Research, Science, and Innovation (RSI) team is actively partnering with utilities and associated organizations throughout the U.S. to help them better understand the land and natural resources they manage while supporting increased biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Our team is currently in the field conducting BIOaudit biodiversity studies across the country on rights-of-way (ROWs) and other community green spaces, assessing plant, animal, bird, and insect populations; collecting vegetation and soil samples; and more. These studies are essential for helping utilities understand the impact of their environmental stewardship efforts and communicating their progress with the public and other industry partners.

National Grid BIOaudit Biodiversity Study

ACRT Services recently partnered with National Grid, a major electric and natural gas utility serving more than 20 million people throughout New England and New York. With an extensive commitment to environmental stewardship that reaches back more than 70 years, National Grid enlisted the RSI team at ACRT Services to perform a BIOaudit™ biodiversity study. Together they studied the impact of current integrated vegetation management (IVM) efforts and increased awareness of IVM in the greater community. Learn more about our work with National Grid and its impact.


Learn More About BIOaudit and Our Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Contact us today to learn more about BIOaudit biodiversity studies and how they’re helping utilities nationwide move their environmental stewardship efforts forward.


The fact that not a single member complained to anyone at the annual meeting about tree trimming is a testament to the great job that ACRT and Nelson Tree Service have done on our system.

John LaSelva, Director of Reliability & OperationsSumter Electric Cooperative