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UVM Programs Built Around Your Needs

Prevention is mission critical for you and your customers. At ACRT, we understand that an outage can be extremely costly to your customer relationships and your bottom line.

Over the last three decades, we’ve made it our mission to understand the complexities of vegetation management for investor-owned utilities, and we’ve built a variety of service offerings meant to make us your end-to-end provider.

When your company is facing repercussions due to an unforced error, it can have a serious negative impact on your organization and your team. Failing to properly maintain a tree could be the start of a massive wildfire that can leave your company dealing with millions in FERC fines that won’t please investors.

We understand that budgets are important to you, and showing return on investment is crucial to your success. Our software tool, Arborcision™, is used by our utility foresters to collect and report data about your current vegetation management program and create processes to be more efficient and cost-effective.

The importance of an effective vegetation management program relies on objective, comprehensive insights into what’s best for your organization. At ACRT, we’re the only independent national vegetation management consulting firm — giving us the freedom to put our clients first. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients reduce costs and improve reliability.

Arborcision is a major evolutionary leap in the arena of Utility Vegetation Management. There is nothing out there that even comes close to it. It should be a critical component of every Right-of-Way management program. The data is invaluable in decision-making, cost analysis, and in the establishment of targets.

Will Ortiz, Manager of Vegetation ManagementUnion Power Cooperative