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Why Choose ACRT?

why choose acrt

We’re Leading the Nation in Independent Vegetation Management Consulting

Your business is providing safe, reliable power to your customers. Our business is making sure you keep that commitment.

ACRT empowers utilities to proactively manage vegetation across their entire rights-of-way. We think ahead, we plan what’s needed, and we customize our approach. We act in the way that works best for your needs, your business, and your customers.

We make it happen by taking a comprehensive look at your grid and your utility vegetation management needs, transforming what we learn into an actionable plan. We identify and trim areas needing immediate attention; we take stock of individual circuits for a specific and individualized approach.

What do you get? Major workload reductions. Fewer vegetation-related outages. Enhanced storm resistance. Comfort in the knowledge you’re doing what’s best for your customers who depend on the services you provide. We’re doing this through our people, dedication, process, and education. You sustain our world, and we’re behind you all the way.

ACRT is 100% independent—and that’s unique. It means that we’re concerned only with doing what’s best for your system. There’s nothing to gain by recommending more or less work than what’s needed. We give it to you straight—because that’s what drives our business. It’s our independent promise.

Our roots in and passion for arboriculture mean that our customers can rely on ACRT for the strategic solution to their vegetation issues. It’s the difference between one-time quick fixes and a comprehensive, proactive program that ups dependability—it’s what YOUR customers rely on.

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the dedication of all ACRT employees, especially from the SCUFs. Your team is stepping up to the plate to ensure future outages and fire risks are being minimized. Thank you.

Karsten SchulzPacific Gas & Electric