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ACRT Services Receives Three UAA Awards Throughout Organization

October 1, 2020

September 29, 2020Stow, Ohio — ACRT Services is pleased to announce that its utility vegetation management services division ACRT, its California vegetation management division ACRT Pacific, and ACRT Services Business Development Manager Maegan Mullinax recently received awards from the Utility Arborist Association (UAA).

The PinE Award

Gold-level PinE (Partners in Excellence) Awards were presented to both ACRT and ACRT Pacific for association involvement at a company level. This award is given to organizations whose membership in the UAA and supporting activities — such as sponsorship, active committee volunteerism, and more — quantifiably demonstrate active involvement over the association’s previous fiscal year.

Organizations are given a PinE score based on these activities and are recognized at the UAA annual meeting. This year represents the fourth consecutive UAA PinE Award presented to the organization.

“We’re extremely grateful to receive the PinE Award for 2020,” said ACRT President Kevin Puls. “We are in full support of the UAA’s mission to drive excellence, innovation, and change through professional development, outreach, research, and the promotion of best practices. For this reason, we provide all of our employees with a free membership to the UAA each year. We’re grateful to be recognized with this honor and look forward to continuing our impact for the UAA and the industry as a whole.”

“ACRT Pacific is focused on doing all we can to further the industry and promote the importance of our work, and our membership in the UAA is the vehicle for those efforts,” said ACRT Pacific President Brian Joiner. “We’re grateful to the UAA for this recognition, and I’m proud of all of our employees who take an active part in the UAA to help them achieve their goals.”

“Our organization and the UAA are deeply entwined,” said ACRT Services Executive Vice President of Operations, Troy Ross. “Our participation and membership in the UAA reach back decades, and it will continue to do so for years to come. I’m proud of ACRT and ACRT Pacific for all that they’ve accomplished for our industry.”

Rising Star Award

ACRT Services Business Development Manager Maegan Mullinax was also honored this year as the recipient of the UAA Rising Star Award. This recognition is given to individuals who are relatively early in their career yet have already shown leadership in the organization and in the industry.

In a few short years, Mullinax has already made a name for herself across the industry. As a certified arborist, her resume is filled with experience from utilities nationwide, serving in roles ranging from system arborist to her current role as a business development manager.

She is no stranger to volunteering, either. Mullinax is a member of the UAA Professional Development Committee, Saluting Branches, and several community organizations serving as subject matter expert, instructor, and arborist. Her commitment to safety shines as an Area Safety Representative and Safety Committee representative.

“Being awarded the Rising Star Award is truly an honor,” Mullinax said. “I get to work in an incredible industry that makes an impact on people’s lives. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the UAA Professional Development Committee and making a meaningful difference.”

“We’re so proud of Maegan for receiving the Rising Star Award and representing our organization,” said ACRT Services Executive Vice President of Revenue, John Wasmer. “This award is a direct representation of the hard work that she puts in day in and day out to make our organization better. It is very well deserved, and we look forward to Maegan continuing to thrive in her role. ”

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