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Carrie Lorenz Efird Celebrates 10 Years with ACRT

May 31, 2023

Carrie Lorenz Efird Celebrates 10 Years with ACRT

Submitted by Brian Elam, operations manager, ACRT

Carrie Lorenz Efird, consulting utility forester, recently reached her 10th anniversary with ACRT. She has a total of 18 years of utility vegetation management (UVM) experience and has been a staple to ACRT’s projects during her time with us. Carrie specializes in customer notifications, herbicide oversight, quality assurance and quality control, UVM planning, tree professional oversight, and storm response in her respective areas. Carrie has proven time and again her leadership skills while stepping up when our customer’s management team takes leaves of absence or vacation, and when she helps to train new hires.

I asked Carrie two questions as I presented her with her award:

Q: What has she liked most about working at ACRT over the years?
A: Meeting new people and the ability to work outdoors and set your own goals.

Q: What advice does she have for new hires starting out looking to make this a career?
A: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and always be aware of your surroundings.

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