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Christian Marmolejo Recognized with G.E.M. Award

March 1, 2023

Christian Marmolejo Recognized with G.E.M. Award

Christian Marmolejo, an ACRT consulting utility forester, recently received a G.E.M. Award for his “significant performance in safety.” He was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Jerry Staton.

Staton wrote the following about Marmolejo’s actions.

On Wednesday, Dec. 14, Christian Marmolejo was enjoying an appreciation lunch in Houston attended by our customer’s vegetation management group along with the three other ACRT foresters. Christian noticed a woman trying to help her husband who was choking and began yelling for help. Christian quickly reacted to the situation and gave the Heimlich maneuver three times before successfully dislodging the food from the gentlemen’s throat. Christian saved the gentleman’s life and received a round of applause from the entire restaurant. I received several calls from the utility’s vegetation management staff commending Christian on his quick and decisive action. I am incredibly proud of Christian and believe this is the perfect example of what a G.E.M. Award is intended for. To quote CEO Mike Weidner, “This is what happens when good training and the will to act are embodied in one person.”

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