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Dealing with Extreme Weather [Infographic]

September 14, 2017


Did You Know?
There are about 500,000 earthquakes around the world each year. [1]

Safety Tip:
Remember: “Drop, Cover, Hold On!” Get to the floor, find shelter underneath a stable object and hold on.


Did You Know?
Ice can increase the weight of branches by 30 times. [2]

Safety Tip:
Carry an emergency kit in your car with sand or cat litter, a shovel, flashlight, blankets, extra clothing, a towrope, booster cables and distress flares.


Did You Know?
It only takes 6 inches of fast-flowing water to sweep you off your feet.

Safety Tip:
Never drive through flooded roads. If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately. Water only 2 feet deep can carry away most automobiles.


Did You Know?
Embankments along roadsides are particularly susceptible to landslides.

Safety Tip:
Listen for unusual sounds that might indicate moving debris, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together.


Did You Know?
You should never seek shelter under a bridge during a tornado.

Safety Tip:
Exit your vehicle for shelter or low ground away from cars, which could roll over you.


(Strikes can occur in every state)
Did You Know?
Lightning can strike 10 miles away from a thunderstorm, so if you can hear thunder, you’re likely within striking distance. Even if the sky is blue and the sun is out!

Safety Tip:
There is no safe place outdoors during a thunderstorm. When you hear thunder, take cover in a safe place—a building or vehicle.


Did You Know?
Flying debris is the most common cause of injury during a hurricane.

Safety Tip:
The weather may appear to get calm in the middle of a storm and then get worse quickly, so it’s important to remain indoors.

2020 United States Fatalities:

  • Floods – 57
  • Lightning – 17
  • Tornadoes – 76
  • Hurricanes – 24
  • Heat – 51
  • Winter – 29
  • Cold – 13
  • Wind – 55
  • Rip Currents – 66

Tune In

Always monitor NOAA National Weather Service Radio or your local media for vital weather-related information.

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