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Gregory Sanchez Receives G.E.M. Award

November 29, 2023

Gregory Sanchez Receives G.E.M. Award

Gregory Sanchez, a consulting utility forester 4 at ACRT, recently received a G.E.M. Award for significant performance in safety. He was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Eric Morales.

Morales shared the following about Sanchez’s life-saving actions.

On Friday, July 21, Greg Sanchez was at a distribution meeting/appreciation lunch with our customer and several ACRT distribution teammates. During the meal, Greg noticed that one of his ACRT teammates, Jeff Schultz, was giving the universal choking symbol. Greg immediately asked Jeff if he was choking, and Jeff gave a thumbs up. Greg quickly sprang into action and performed abdominal thrusts (also known as the Heimlich maneuver) on Jeff. After two compressions the obstruction was dislodged from Jeff’s airway, and he was then able to breathe. Jeff stated that he was blessed and thankful for Greg and Greg’s quick, heroic actions that saved his life that day. I am incredibly proud of Greg and believe this is the perfect example of what a G.E.M. Award is intended for. To quote Adrienne Jones, “It really goes to show this man did not hesitate, sprang into action, and saved his teammate’s life. He is an excellent example of why safety is a core value at ACRT.”
ACRT Staff

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