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John Douvlos Earns G.E.M. Award

March 1, 2023

John Douvlos Earns G.E.M. Award

John Douvlos, an ACRT roving utility forester, recently received a G.E.M. Award for his “contributions resulting in significant productivity and quality improvements.” He was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager David Leary.

Leary shared the following about Douvlos.

John Douvlos has worked as a rover on the utility’s project for nearly 11 months and has contributed to the team of arborists’ production and customer service. One notable contribution is when John took the initiative to compile a detailed list of instructions for working tickets, double-check tree counts, handling of member complaints/ concerns, document completed tasks, and perform follow-up rechecks of contractor services. The list is now a guideline for all arborists to follow and adhere to in working more efficiently and complying with our customer’s expectations.

A supervisor at the utility also praised Douvlos.

John Douvlos is exceptional and leads by example. He is always there when we need him for training, tickets, job managers, and BLP. We know that if John is assigned a task, it will be done on time and with precision. He makes ACRT and arborists look like leaders in our field. It is a pleasure to be able to work daily with someone of his caliber.

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