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Joyce Tyler Earns G.E.M. Award

November 29, 2023

Joyce Tyler Earns G.E.M. Award

Joyce Tyler, a notifier 3 at ACRT, recently received a G.E.M. Award for her significant performance in safety. She was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Kelly Zajicek.

Zajicek shared the following about Tyler’s actions.

On Wednesday, Aug. 16, Joyce was driving down Hwy. 69 out of Lufkin when an SUV left the road, flipped over, and landed right-side up. A couple of cars and Joyce stopped to render help. Two men were able to pull the jammed doors open, including the back driver-side door. [Joyce] got into the SUV through the back driver-side door. While the two men worked to get the seatbelt loose that was restricting the driver’s breathing, Joyce was in the back seat to see if she could help. They released the seatbelt and raised him up while the driver was still unconscious. Not wanting him to start moving until he was checked out, Joyce held his head still and started talking to him so he wouldn’t be so startled when he woke up. As soon as he awoke, he started to try to move around. Joyce held his head to keep him from moving too much. She talked to him and let him know what happened, where he was, and assured him that help was on the way. This seemed to keep him calm, and in 10-15 minutes, the police and EMS arrived. From there, Joyce handed his care over to them.
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