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Krista Wooten Recognized for Significant Performance in Safety

January 16, 2023

Krista Wooten, an ACRT consulting utility forester, recently received a G.E.M. Award for her “significant performance in safety.” She was nominated by ACRT Assistant Operations Manager Josh Justice. He wrote the following about Wooten.

Krista is a consulting utility forester in the Carolinas. While her primary focus is improving reliability by identifying defects in trees, she often takes the time to visually inspect the electrical equipment as she works. This behavior led to her identifying a badly frayed conductor on a transmission line. She reported the damaged equipment without delay so repairs could take place before an incident could occur. She received a commendation from a utility representative, stating “Thank you for the extra eyes in the field. I know your main focus is on trees, but this tells me you are thinking about our transmission system beyond that.”

Krista is a rising star and I want her to know how much her efforts are appreciated by ACRT and our customer.

ACRT Staff

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