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Marvin Bush Receives G.E.M. Award

June 28, 2023

Marvin Bush Receives G.E.M. Award

Marvin Bush, a consulting utility forester at ACRT, recently received a G.E.M. Award for his “significant performance in safety and leadership.” He was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Jenny Forrester.

She shared the following about Bush and his leadership in Cleveland, Ohio.

Marvin was the first boots on the ground for ACRT in Cleveland, Ohio, and was brought on specifically with the idea that he would be a peer mentor for future teammates with a history of working with our utility customer in that area. As we added members to the area team, we had several near misses unique to the urban environment involving potentially hostile landowner interactions. Then the news in April was full of hostile interactions experienced by innocent members of the public. Marvin was alarmed and concerned for the well-being of his teammates in Cleveland, so he created a brief morning Teams session every weekday for a safety check-in; just a few minutes so they could all tell each other where they would be that day and discuss potentially needing to use the buddy system. Marvin did this of his own accord with no coaching or prompting from anyone for the sole reason of being concerned for the safety of his colleagues. I commended Marvin on our weekly safety brief with the entire project team and his teammates on the project spoke up and requested I nominate Marvin for a G.E.M. Award on their behalf.

Marvin said, “It is a huge honor to receive this award. I am really grateful for the team we have in Cleveland and Jenny Forrester is the mastermind that put us all together. I would like to thank the Cleveland team for acknowledging my effort. I’ve always gone into training with the idea, I want to tell you everything I know so you can eventually fill my role. Spending so much time together, we became close, we are a very tight-knit bunch. I really felt compelled to check in every morning, to find out what each of us has planned for the day and a general location. My main reason for putting this together was coming from being a tree contractor for several years. Our #1 goal was to look out for each other. ‘If you see something, say something’ and ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ becomes a way of life. I really feel it has carried over with the team and I couldn’t be happier with the relationship we’ve built. They are the reason for me striving to be a better leader each and every day!”

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