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Megan Trujillo Earns G.E.M. Award

June 28, 2023

Megan Trujillo Earns G.E.M. Award

Megan Trujillo, a consulting utility forester III at ACRT, recently received a G.E.M. Award for her “significant performance in safety., a ” She was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Pat Paternostro.

Paternostro shared the following about Trujillo’s actions.

Megan was working “down river” at a remote location near Happy Camp, Calif., (and along the Klamath River). It is a very remote location, miles from a hospital and without cell service.

While Megan was giving directions to a tree crew there was an incident where a tree crew member was injured by a rope tearing through his hand. The crew members went into action to deal with the incident, and while prepared, were a bit nervous and anxious.

Megan, who worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in the past, stepped in and assisted in taking control of the situation. She helped calm the injured crew member, applied basic medical aid, and worked with the other crew members to get the employee to a medical facility.

Immediately after this situation I was called by the tree company’s safety manager. He wanted to tell me how much he appreciated Megan’s efforts, skills, and her willingness to help in a scary situation. The tree crew member was able to get treatment and is recovering from his injuries.

Megan is truly an asset to ACRT and is supremely deserving of this GEM award and company-wide recognition. Thank you, Megan!

ACRT Staff

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