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Steven Young and Nat Cooney Earn G.E.M. Award

April 12, 2023

Steven Young and Nat Cooney Earn G.E.M. Award

Steven Young, an ACRT utility arborist II, and Nat Cooney, an ACRT consulting utility forester, (CUF) recently received a G.E.M. Award for their “contributions resulting in significant productivity.” They were nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Benjamin (Ben) Potash.

Potash shared the following about the duo.

I want to recognize the significant effort and dedication by both Nat Cooney and Steven Young in responding to emergency storm response for [our customer] in the winter of 22/23. Nat and Steve were among the first to volunteer to assist [our customer] in a major storm over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and worked multiple 16-hour shifts. I’ve had to ask them to re-schedule personal plans multiple times in the past week and they always rise to the occasion and exhibit poise and good morale.


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