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Thomas (Tom) DeMouth Receives G.E.M. Award

April 12, 2023

Thomas (Tom) DeMouth Receives G.E.M. Award

Thomas (Tom) DeMouth, an ACRT consulting utility forester (CUF), recently received a G.E.M. Award for his “significant performance in safety.” He was nominated by ACRT Operations Manager Benjamin (Ben) Potash.

Potash shared the following about DeMouth.

I want to recognize Thomas DeMouth for his hazard awareness and dedication to public safety and electric reliability. While traveling Thomas noticed a tree leaning into the right-of-way (ROW) on the highway. He noted the general location and informed the customer arborist. He returned Monday a.m. and identified a failed spruce tree that was hung up in a poplar and posing a strike hazard to 230-kilovolt (kV) lines. Thomas acted quickly and followed up with the customer and ACRT operations. A crew was dispatched to make it safe, and Thomas remained on the scene until the crew arrived and helped develop a work plan. The hazard was quickly and safely dealt with thanks to Tom’s awareness and quick thinking.

An arborist from [our customer] also praised DeMouth’s actions.

Tom’s efforts in identifying and communicating this tree condition directly resulted in a quick mitigation effort, and certainly helped to prevent a possible issue in the future. Eversource transmission vegetation management (TVM) appreciates his efforts!

ACRT Staff

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