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Working His Way Across the U.S.: Malcolm Sanchez

March 13, 2024

Working His Way Across the U.S.: Malcolm Sanchez

When asked to name some of the favorite places he’s worked, Malcolm Sanchez, an ACRT roving utility forester, usually names Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Southern Oregon.

His job as a roving utility forester (rover) has allowed him to travel across the country, see new things, and meet new people.

Before joining ACRT, Sanchez grew up in the inner city of Chicago and attended the University of Iowa where he earned a degree in environmental planning with a double minor in geographic information system (GIS) and geography.

Following graduation, Sanchez had the opportunity to complete two internships — one in invasive plant management on the lakeshore at Indiana Dunes National Park where he became familiarized with herbicide usage and invasive plant management, and the other through the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in Idaho where he gained a USFS falling certification.

Eventually, Sanchez would be contacted by ACRT to see if he would be interested in a traveling position – which he still holds. His initial assignment was in Arkansas, then Pittsburgh, and when asked who was interested in going to Southern California, Sanchez quickly volunteered. He was born in California and says he always wanted to spend time there.

Sanchez shares that the Golden State is where he gained many important skills. “I received a great deal of training, gained discipline with my job, and worked with some veteran rovers who are very knowledgeable in the field.”

He speaks a lot about discipline – a trait that has helped him excel in his career, maintain relationships when often alone, and find a knack for safety.

As a lone worker, Sanchez explains that it’s all about keeping in touch, whether it’s socializing, finding things to do outside of work, and at the very least, exploring the surrounding areas.

While reflecting on his time at ACRT and the progress he’s made, Sanchez thanks his various managers over the years.

“I’m grateful for those who gave me chances, the opportunity to grow, and showed me that I can get the job done when given the chance. It took me a little while to adjust when starting this job and I’m thankful I was afforded the chance to do so. I’ve been able to grow, not only as an employee but as a person doing this job.”

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