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Working Together to Take Safety Further

At ACRT and its sister companies under ACRT Services, our employees are working together day in and day out to improve our safety program — not only to ensure the well-being of our team but also to protect those we serve and help them achieve their goals.

As chair of the ACRT safety committee, Operations Manager Eric Morales is focused on collaborating on safety within our organization and throughout the utility vegetation management (UVM) industry.

“Safety is making an impact on the industry in a positive way. Companies are coming together more and more to share and discuss safety topics and ideas. This transparency and collaboration are helping everyone strengthen their respective safety cultures.”

Morales believes the best ways to foster this safety-focused collaboration are through his role on the ACRT safety committee and by actively engaging with employees to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis.

“I’m always looking for input — from field-level employees to our executive team — on how to improve our culture of safety. We take a team approach in all things. Information flows in both directions, demonstrating a high level of engagement in our culture at all levels. It has been rewarding to see their ideas put into action that will help keep us all safe.”

While putting those ideas into action is essential to the success of the organization, Morales underscores the importance of having a genuine commitment to safety in all that we do.

“To have an excellent culture of safety, teams must be committed to practicing it — not just staying compliant. Our goal is to safely and efficiently get our jobs done and come home safe at the end of each day.”

Learn more about our safety philosophy here.

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